Hidden Treasure
Past Due Promises
Position of Faith
“The Two You’s”
The Power of a Godly Family
Unwrap The Gifts
Church – Stephen Fields
Reveal Part II
Overcoming Negativity
The Force of Negativity 4
The Force of Negativity 3
The Force of Negativity 2
The Force of Negativity
Special Guest – Pastor Bill Scheer – Sunday Morning
Special Guest – Pastor Bill Scheer – Saturday
Forced Authority
Confident Authority
Special Guest Speaker – Pastor David McGrew – 10AM
Special Guest Speaker – Pastor David McGrew – 6PM
Turn It Around
Flip The Switch
Think Big Deal
Sort of a Big Deal Around Here
You Decide
Doing Good!
With You
Guest Speaker – Scotty Gurulé – Sunday
Guest Speaker – Scotty Gurulé – Sat.
This Place
Every Place
Cell Mates
Super Starz
This Place
Going Places
Stuck On You
Don’t Pull The Pin!
Dressed Up: Don’t Get Caught With Your Praise Down
Dressed Up: Priority One
Dressed Up: Get Out Of Bed
Dressed Up: The Donkey Ruined Everything!
Don’t Hold Back
Interpretation Matters
Educated Hope
In The Gap
The Sacrifice of Praise
Do The “Light Thing”
How Do You Live?
I’m On My Way
First Wednesday
Prepare for Freedom
Life Off The Res’
What’s Happening in the Wind – Part 2
Whats Happening in the Wind
1st Wednesday
It’s Gonna Be Big!
The Big Idea
Restoration Protocol
The Protocol of Purpose – Sunday Service
The Protocol Of Purpose – Saturday
Why Do You Do?
Keys to the Future
Environmental Protocol
What Are You Feeding? (Sunday)
What Are You Feeding? (Saturday)
Understanding Your Enemy
Power to Become
Rut vs Revival – Pastor Scotty Gurulé
Rut vs Revival – Pastor Thom Fields
Revival – Thursday – Pastor Scotty Gurulé
Revival – Wednesday – Pastor Scotty Gurulé
Revival – Tuesday – Pastor Thom Fields
Revival – Monday – Pastor Thom Fields
Revival – Sunday – Pastor Thom Fields
What is Revival?
Nothing In Your Hand – Part 2
1st Wednesday – Nothing In Your Hand
Guest Speaker Pastor Bill Scheer – If We Believe (Sun)
Beautiful 2016 – Evening Session – Pastor Sandy Scheer
Beautiful 2016 – Afternoon Session – Pastors Panel
Beautiful 2016 – Mid-Morning Session – Pastor Sandy Scheer
Beautiful 2016 – Morning Session – Pastor Sandy Scheer
I Obey
Time and Chance
Back the Blue
Who’s Eating Your Lunch?
Inconvenient Miracles
We Have A Problem
Fight the Ite’s
Cut The Slack
Enemies In-A-Me’s
What God Are You Talking To?
What Could Go Wrong?