I’m On My Way
First Wednesday
Prepare for Freedom
Life Off The Res’
What’s Happening in the Wind – Part 2
Whats Happening in the Wind
1st Wednesday
It’s Gonna Be Big!
The Big Idea
Restoration Protocol
The Protocol of Purpose – Sunday Service
The Protocol Of Purpose – Saturday
Why Do You Do?
Keys to the Future
Environmental Protocol
What Are You Feeding? (Sunday)
What Are You Feeding? (Saturday)
Understanding Your Enemy
Power to Become
Rut vs Revival – Pastor Scotty Gurulé
Rut vs Revival – Pastor Thom Fields
Revival – Thursday – Pastor Scotty Gurulé
Revival – Wednesday – Pastor Scotty Gurulé
Revival – Tuesday – Pastor Thom Fields
Revival – Monday – Pastor Thom Fields
Revival – Sunday – Pastor Thom Fields
What is Revival?
Nothing In Your Hand – Part 2
1st Wednesday – Nothing In Your Hand
Guest Speaker Pastor Bill Scheer – If We Believe (Sun)
Beautiful 2016 – Evening Session – Pastor Sandy Scheer
Beautiful 2016 – Afternoon Session – Pastors Panel
Beautiful 2016 – Mid-Morning Session – Pastor Sandy Scheer
Beautiful 2016 – Morning Session – Pastor Sandy Scheer
I Obey
Time and Chance
Back the Blue
Who’s Eating Your Lunch?
Inconvenient Miracles
We Have A Problem
Fight the Ite’s
Cut The Slack
Enemies In-A-Me’s
What God Are You Talking To?
What Could Go Wrong?
We Are Not Performers
Keep it Straight
Choose (Sunday Service)
Choose (Saturday Service)
So Great A Faith – Stephen Fields
The Environment Wisdom Builds
A Life Fueled by Passion – Special Guest Speaker Craig Schlesinger
You Don’t Know What You Got
First Wednesday – April
Don’t Rock the Boat Baby
The Resurrecting King is Resurrecting Me – Easter Service
Take a Breath
Turned On and Tuned In
You Talk, I’ll Walk
Love God, Live Called, Know His Will
Love God, Live Called
Get In The Game!!
FRESH: Rut vs Revival
FRESH: Breakthrough
FRESH: Passion
FRESH: It’s Your Turn
God Knows Things
Life is a Handful
Ditch after Ditch
Midnight Madness
More Than One “U”
God Has a Plan for Dan
Time for Things to Change – Sunday Service
Time for Things to Change – Saturday Service
One Day
Lean On
The Tipping Point
Drive-By Christians
We Win
How Quickly We Forget
Guest Speaker – Pastor Wendy Treat – Sunday Service
Guest Speaker – Pastor Wendy Treat – Saturday Service
Beautiful – Pastor Wendy Treat – Evening Session
Beautiful – Pastors Wendy, Shelby and Thom – Afternoon Session
Beautiful – Pastor Wendy Treat – Mid-Morning Session
Beautiful – Pastor Wendy Treat – Opening Session
And Let The Rumors Fly…
Living a Normal Life
Just Getting Started
First Wednesday
Click Bait