Pastor Thom Fields | Sight To The Blind
Pastor Thom Fields | Make A Difference
Pastor Thom | Exceptional Christmas
Pastor Thom Fields | Exceptional YOU
Pastor Thom Fields | The Genius of Generosity
Pastor Thom Fields | It’s Not About The Presents
Pastor Thom Fields | How To Dig A Well
Pastor Thom Fields | Every Thing, Some Thing, No Thing
Pastor Thom Fields | Dare To Do Life
What Is Your Reflex
Pastor Thom Fields | Keep Doing What You Were Doing
Pastor Thom Fields | This Is How They’ll Know
Pastor Thom Fields | You’re Right, They Deserved That
Pastor Thom Fields | Drama Queens
Pastor Thom Fields | Leftovers
Pastor Thom Fields | Talk Less
Pastor Thom Fields | Words Matter
Pastor Stephen Fields | WE KNOW – DOES HE?
Dynamic Power
Pastor Thom Fields | Load The Bowl
Don’t Lose Your Keys
Take Me Back
Love Of A Father
Say What He Says
Worth The Wait
Pastor Thom Fields | Faith Begins
Pastor Thom Fields | Making The Cut
Pastor Thom Fields | Can You Swim
Pastor Thom Fields | The Power Position
Pastor Thom Fields | Easter Sunday
Pastor Thom Fields | Talk Life
Stephen Fields | Increase Your Praise
Pastor Thom Fields | Act Like A Believer
Find Your Strength
HEALED. | Ft. John Smithwick
Pastor Thom Fields | Peace 190 Proof
Pastor Thom Fields | Break The Cycle
Guest Speaker | Pastor Max Girgenti
Border Patrol
Out Of Order
Small Things
The Move | Pastor Thom Fields
Tired Hands and Weakened Knees | Pastor Stephen Fields
The Sign | Exceptional
Exceptional Courage
Exceptional Dreams
Nail It Down
KNOWvember – Know Hope
KNOWvember – Know Vision
First Wednesday – Youth Takeover
KNOWvember – Know Generosity
KNOWvember – Know Endurance
How To Do What Is Right – The Elephant In The Family Room
Turf Wars – The Elephant In The Family Room
Pastor April Carter Evening Session – Beautiful 2018
Pastor April Carter Afternoon Session – Beautiful 2018
Pastor Shelby – Beautiful 2018
Let’s Talk About Sex – The Elephant In The Family Room
Let’s Talk About It – The Elephant In The Family Room
Guest Speaker Kevin Gohman – From Here To There
What’s Next – Under Pressure
Next! – Build A Door
Next! – Sounds Like Rain
I Think Myself Happy – NEXT!
Eyes To See
When The Heart Attacks
He Has Better For Me
I Think Myself Happy – Power UP!
Turn to God – Guest Pastor Chano Trevino
I Think Myself Happy – Tag Your It
I Think Myself Happy – Just Look At It
I Think Myself Happy – Player To Praiser
I Think Myself Happy – Think See
I Think Myself Happy – Competing Thoughts
I Think Myself Happy – Think Vision
I Think Myself Happy – Think Courage
I Think Myself Happy – Think Steps
I Think Myself Happy – Think Little
I Think Myself Happy – Think Leftovers
I Think Myself Happy – Think Abundance
I Think Myself Happy – What to do when IT goes sideways
I Think Myself Happy – ft. Stephen Fields
I Think Myself Happy – Imitation Faith
I Think Myself Happy – Soul Management
I Think Myself Happy
First Wednesday
Easter Service
Complicated Blessings
Reframe Your Mindset
The Mask
The Miracle in the Mistake
Stir It Up
A Future Only God Could Imagine
Hidden Treasure
Past Due Promises
Position of Faith
“The Two You’s”
The Power of a Godly Family
Unwrap The Gifts